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This page is devoted to my graphical improvements to the mapboard and counters for Avalon Hill's classic wargame, WATERLOO. From here you can download PDF files for the map and counters. Below is a sample of the French counters.


The Mapboard: The mapboard is a single 30MB PDF file which is 36" x 24" in size when printed. If tiled onto legal size paper, it should fit onto 9 sheets printed in landscape orientation (12" x 8"). Click on the mapboard image below to view. Right-click and choose Save Target As... to download (this is recommended over viewing it inside your browser and trying to save it from there).

Click here to view the map file (30MB PDF). Right-click and choose Save Target As... to download.


The Counters: I made the counters double-sided, but you don't have to make them that way yourself. Nothing critical is on the back sides, only setup locations. I have provided the front and back countersheets as separate PDF files. Again, I recommend right-clicking the images below and choosing Save Target As... to download them.